Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me & Larry, Heading to Art & Soul, Except Larry's Not Really Going. Shhh! Don't Tell Him!

With Art & Soul Portland just 15 days away, I knew I needed to get some swaps made. Trading little bits of art is a wonderful tradition at art retreats. I don't ever want to go empty-handed because the goodies made by other artists are such fun to receive. Some people make little bags of ephemera or supplies; some make artist trading cards (ATCs) or other small-scale art. When I went to Art & Soul Hampton in May, I took both charms and ATCs, and with A&S PDX looming so soon, I resorted to making the very same charms again. I call them Ballerina Moons. It's not hard to see why, although it is hard to see in these pictures. But after several hours to make 28 charms and already putting them in their tiny bags with Moo cards from Flickr, I couldn't see unbagging them all just for a photo-opp. Hopefully, I will get some cards made as well, and I still need to get some class supplies. I am making a 'Beachcomber' necklace with Gilbert Designs and am taking a collage class with Traci Bautista, author of Collage Unleashed. You can buy her book on Amazon here I'm also looking forward to staying with Dear Michelle of Hold Dear, my firstest and bestest blog friend, who is going to show me around Portland. Looking forward to seeing Maria of Collage on Alberta again, and I just found out tonight that Shosh and Mike from Hannah Grey will be there, too. And, some of my new ZNE art friends, like Lisa Kaus, will also be in town, especially easy since Lisa lives in Oregon. All in all, it should be like old-home art week. Fetch my umbrella. Can't wait!

Larry the Cat looks really excited, too. But, I have bad news for him. Unlike the charms, he is going to get unpacked, and soon.


m i c h e l l e said...

What a super fun post!!! I can totally FEEL the excitement coming off of this post! We are going to have SO much fun!!!! I'm working on our "itinery" for our shopping days. There are some super good spots around PDX and you will see them all! Is there an Anthropologie in your neck of the woods? Gotta go there just for inspiration (and a catalog!) I'm just so completely looking forward to hanging out with you AND getting my hands on one of those gorgeous charms!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love those charms!
Too bad for Larry. :)

Joanne Huffman said...

You're going to have a wonderful time. And, having received one of your wonderful trades in Hampton, I know they'll be a big hit in Portland. You know, you don't have to tell Larry he's not going until the last minute.


Maija said...

Lovely charms, Gina! A & S is such a blast!