Sunday, January 25, 2009

Postess with the Mostess. Squee!

Everything thing about this post makes me squeal with delight. In fact, I have been on cloud nine for the last 12 hours, barely stopping to sleep. I AM the postess with the mostess, simply because I feel like the luckiest blogger in the world, well, the www world anyway.
Yesterday I happened upon Altered Art Circus by Lisa Kettell at Barnes and Noble (Quarry Books, 2009, ISBN-13:978-1-59253-487-6; or on Amazon). I say 'happened' because I wasn't expecting to find it on the shelf yet. The publication date has been February 2009 for about the last year and a half, or ever since the author, Lisa Kettell of The Faerie Zine, invited me to submit a piece of art for the book's gallery.
At the time I started making this 3D sculpture representative of Marie Antoinette, my intent was to make Lisa a gift for all her work in our art group. I don't think I even knew then the book had a circus theme, or certainly I would have drawn on my great love for circus art! Nevertheless, I made the 18" 'Marie' in one day, and sent her east to live with Lisa. I never really believed the piece would make it into the book- either because of some mail disaster only I would experience or because it was edited out for being "no good." Every artist has those thoughts, especially one who has never been published in a real book until now. A 'real' magazine, yes. 'Real' books published via Blurb or Lulu, yes. But a real publishing house with a real editor (who didn't cut out my picture)? C'est Magnifique!
Here's a couple more links to my other Marie figures here and here. I have one still for sale on etsy, and I sent the rest off last summer in hopes of finding their way into Stampington's new Marie Antoinette magazine.
But as for being in Lisa's book, I am over the moon! And I share the Gallery with so many wonderful art friends like Bella and Wanda and Ann-Denise. And I share my page with the inimitable DeBriNa Pratt of Spark*Your*Imagination. Thank you again Lisa!
Another great art friend who roams these same circles is Viv Neroni of New York. Out of the blue (and I say that because I haven't been reading everyone's blogs as faithfully as I should) Viv sent me the most darling pin-keep (above), which I won in a contest on her blog. Viv and I swapped goodies once before. She makes the most darling tiny felted bears and paper clay figures and posts the most delicious photos on her blog. Viv is also Violet's 'new mom.' Violet is of the Blythe persuasion, and I only now realized 'V' is the perfect letter. No wonder Viv kept Violet's name after 'adopting' her.
The 'beady' looking photo (top) is a work-in-progress. It's starting with stringing assorted tiny seed beads from a bead soup by Beverly Gilbert of Gilbert Designs in Washington. I met Beverly at Art & Soul, Portland, in October and made two pendants in her class. It is tiny work that requires reading glasses and a task light. See that sliver of a curved beading needle? It's a wonder I can string anything. This strand so far is sort of a freeform Peyote stitch, which I am glad to have finally learned. It really is easy.
I'm planning to use the strand when fully-formed to encase either a 'jingle' shell as shown above or a piece of beach glass or some other shell and a tiny starfish, and that will form a pendant just like the amber one I made at A&S. But, shhhh! Don't tell. It's going to be a gift for someone special who favors shells.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008: All Bound Up Neatly

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year -so I'm a little behind- is to bind all the fat book pages I've collected during the previous year, like the one-page-per-month, all-original-art 4" x 4" page swap from one of my art groups, Chubbyville; extra pages from Art & Soul, ZNE, Itty Bitty Book Club and other swaps, gifts and the like. It's fun to bind the year together from start to finish. I started with The Year of the Rat January page by Lois Paolo from Chubbyville and decided to use clear acrylic covers -okay, took the easy way out. Still I've got a beautiful book of all original art from my art friends for 2008.
You can see my 2007 book here and here and all the pictures of my fat book pages to date in my Flickr set here. It sure seems like the 12 months between these two books went awfully fast. I have some incredible, one-of-a-kind books that I never tire of looking through, with themes like Halloween, Marie Antoinette, pink, Blythe, Birds, Dolls, prom dresses and more.

Friday, January 16, 2009

On The Road Again...

Check out my review of vintage hot spots in Portland, OR on Vintage Indie here. Can you believe I left this pink beauty behind? It really was pink. Cinderella pink. Candy pink. Buy-me-and-stare-at-me-pink. It was definitely not peach, as this photo suggests.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thanks to Kim for the Eye-Opener. Let's Support Each Other in Art and Life

I received this lovely award from single mom, artist and photographer Kimberly Miller. It said "for the coolest blog ever." It wasn't just modesty that made me crop off that part; it was the fact that it's just plain true there are way cooler blogs, and Kim's is one of those. So, I am honored to receive the award from her and to be in the company she listed for her other fave blogs. She had some of mine, too, like Kari Ramstrom's Artsymama.
But what really struck me about Kim's blog were her brutally honest words. I've visited before, but I'm not sure I've ever taken enough time to really read in depth. She touches on a lot of artists' worries, like making a living. She talks about raising her son alone. She talks about finding a decent job to match her skills in this economy. She includes her poetry. And her photographs are outstanding. Check out her self-published book on Blurb. She also has gorgeous calendars on Red Bubble.
Her comment to me was invaluable because it sent me to her blog once again, where I was reminded we artists need to support each other as do we moms, and maybe most importantly, as should we all as human beings. So. Go read her blog. Look at the pictures. Feel the pain and worry in her poems. And buy a book or calendar. Or two. It could be you next time. Or me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year! Welcome 2009

This video of cute animals and sleepy babies should spread some cheer for the new year. You just can't help smiling.