Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Marie, Anyone?

Just in case it's not enough that I have a gorgeous new blog banner from Kris Hurst in my favorite shades of Marie Antoinette, I also have a multi-book review of Marie A biographies that premiered here Friday on Vintage Indie I decided I might as well write reviews of all the biographies I have just finished in my research for an article for Mary Ann McKeating's new zine coming out this fall. My article for that explores why Marie Antoinette serves as a muse for so many artists. Not me, of course. No. Not me.
Hmmm....maybe that's why I just completed two more Marie Antoinette paper mache art dolls. I had enough supplies left over from my other blue toile version (Marie is credited with starting the whole toile fabric craze), and I had been wanting to make one with the famous icons of a ship or cake, which she was said to have worn in her hair as one of many elaborate poufs or hats she had created. Angela Hoffman came to the rescue with not only a ship but also a cake. A little spray paint, and voila! They were Marie-ready. Meanwhile, Sherry Smyth, Shabby Sister design team member came to the rescue during Etsy's Trading Tuesdays with another paper mache bust. We swapped for a pair of my glass tulip bead earrings from my etsy shop, and everyone is happy! Now, which one to send to Mary Ann for our Marie swap??
Mary Ann's sister Jo is now hosting a Marie-themed itty bitty book page swap, so of course I am up for that. And, of course I will need some cool Marie stamps from Catherine Moore of Character Constructions So do you!
The paper-covered box with the vintage china doll head is for china-doll-head-box swap with Mica of Garboodles Soup who makes the sweetest paper mache boxes, pinkeeps, figurines and also sock monkeys. I can't wait to see what she has made for me!
Don't forget to dial your internet to blogtalk radio Wednesday to hear my interview on Diva Craft Lounge I'm very excited to chat with 'The Diva'!


Joanne Huffman said...

Waaay cool new banner. And, the cake and ship...oh my! You may get me reading about Marie yet :D


Lilli said...

How very creative of you. Love those curly feathers :) And the banner is scrumptious!

Holly Loves Art said...

A beautiful blog you have here! Your "Marie" is stunning. Clever girl, YOU! I am in a round robin doll swap, (a sort of ala-Marie group) and we are altering Styrofoam dress forms into our own Queens. It's been so much fun.

Thanks for sharing!

All the best,

blingqueen said...

Hello, I luv your blog and everything about Marie on it!! I have a fetish with Marie right now too. I am making Marie journals and I can't stop!!

Karen said...

My baby hannibal!!

Maija said...

There could never be too much Marie! (Can you tell I am playing catch-up?)