Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovely Alice in Wonderland swap receipts!

A beautiful pink box (seen in background of top and bottom photos) arrived today chock full of Alice goodies from my partner Adina in Maggi's Just Add Glitter blog Alice in Wonderland swap. What an overwhelming bunch of loot! There's a covered journal, body butter, Godiva's chocolates, jewelry-making goodies, some darling Alice fabric, gorgeous ribbon and all sorts of detailed, hand-made Alice theme greeting cards, since Adina is a scrapbooker and card-maker. I don't know how I will bring myself to use them! But I must, so other people can enjoy them, too. Thanks, pard'ner!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you remember Petite Princess or Princess Patti miniatures?

Although, like Blythe dolls, this dollhouse furniture was only produced for a short time, it left quite an impact on little girls...and apparently big girls, as two of them, Linda Gant and Deb Holman, have produced a large 200+ page compendium and complete reference guide to this detailed lovely furniture.
Created in the French Provincial style popular in homes at the time, Petite Princess furniture was incredibly detailed and made use of or simulated such materials as velvet, brocade, satin, brass marble and glass.
Both Linda and Deb talk about their childhood introduction to Petite Princess, which spawned an adult collection and a collaboration between the two which ultimately resulted in this book. They met on-line in 2003 and eventually met in-person in 2009, when the book was nearing completion. The Web site, started by Linda's husband, has connected many collectors. You can find the book here.
A couple years ago I also blogged about my love of the miniatures and was contacted by Deb and Linda about being quoted in their book. I did not hear more for the longest time, but this winter I received an order form for the book and was pleased to discover my blog post was reprinted on pp. 60-61 in their book, along with fond memories from many other adult collectors or those who remembered playing with the furniture as a child.
The book is incredibly thorough, with a full history, explanation of Petite Princess versus Princess Patti furniture, pictures of variations which appeal so much to collectors, a full pictorial guide with each piece, display solutions and photos of some incredible doll houses as well as many pictures of Ideal toy company's advertising and marketing materials for the line.
If you love Petite Princess, or even dollhouse furniture in general, miniatures, detailed replicas or perhaps just the 60s, you'll love this guidebook and trip down memory lane.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random randomness and some beautiful beautiful-ness

I received the darling birdie boat recently from the uber-talented Debrina Pratt. Far be it from me to make art of the calibre to swap art-for-art with her, but I did send her a supply goody box in trade for this lovely little creation, which will be given pride of place somewhere around the "studio." Debrina sells on Earth Angels, Ebay, Etsy and more and another boat can be seen on her blog by following the link on her name above or by going to her Flickr.

The next photo is a little dangly I made for a pendant swap being hosted by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I had such a great experience with their charm swap last year, that I decided to join the pendant swap. I love that magazine! The pendant is a pre-made copper-y receptable into which I added glitter and paper flowers with rhinestones and then Judikins DG3 art gel to set it. It's pretty simple, but I thought it was kinda sweet.

Lastly, I wish you could see better what I see out my window most days lately--which is three cardinals, two males and a female. Wonder how that's workin' out for them? And why does the male have to be the pretty one?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland swap sent

For the recent Alice in Wonderland swap hosted by Maggi of Just Add Glitter, I was partnered with Adina Medina of Mommy Is Scrapping. She's a gal after my own heart, teaching Honors English to high schoolers.

Above is the gift box I made for her, complete with knob, key, watch face and vintage Alice images all around and on the bottom. Inside I tucked an Alice charm bracelet and pin made by me as well as lots of Alice-related goodies. I also sent along a couple different versions of the classic book, with unique illustrations instead of the usual -- although great and famous -- John Tenniel drawings.

Adina is a scrapper and card-maker so I hope she will like what I sent. The box took six straight hours. The vintage images are hand-cut and then matched to line up on the box and lid. I also embellished them with gel pens and glitter. The inside is covered, too.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New ATCs by the dozens

I just made some new artist trading cards, 29 to be exact. I like to make them in batches, and I needed some for a swao with ATheeC from Flickr, a.k.a. Martine from Belgium, with whom I swap periodically.

I also knew I'd be needing some trades for Artiscape in April and Art & Soul in May, and ATCs or ACEOs are a handy, small size for trading. I usually take ATCs and charms. Some of the designs above started as prints from some of my old favorite ATCs but all are re-colored by hand, embellished and finished as one of a kinds (OOAKs).

The picture above with the cat cards are all ATCs hand-drawn or hand-painted by me, including a Zentangle I made and a charcoal sketch of a bird. Martine also likes APCs--altered playing cards--so I turned Donald Trump into the King of Hearts and Woody Allen into a Joker. Makes sense to me.