Monday, November 26, 2007

The End of the Weekend

I finished these doodle cat ATCs last night during Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. It's hard for me to "just" watch television. I like to be doing something, because, let's face it, one really doesn't 'have to concentrate' on those shows, as good as they are.
Had a hard time falling asleep, so I started recounting all the things that went on over the four-day weekend. When I reflect it always makes me feel like the days lasted a little longer, because they always seem to go so fast otherwise. Then for some reason, I woke up at 4 a.m. raring to go, whatever raring means.
So I did email, ate some Raisin Nut Bran, read my favorite blogs, looked at Flickr, and finally at 7 a.m. decided to take pictures of these cards. I found a "doodle" that works for me, and now I cannot stop doodling these cards. I'd given the previous cats all away, so I thought I'd make some for me. These are watercolor crayons and gel pens on heavy journal pages, cut out and mounted on various background papers, some from Shabby Cottage Studio where I am on the Design Team: The Seven Shabby Sisters. Watch for our next project of an altered paper house/hanger-upper-thingy.
I already was asked by the lovely Jade to swap a card I posted on Flickr last night, so they don't last too long! I'm hoping she will send me a Zentangle in trade. I am just learning about these here: and haven't tried one yet. Need to get a good pen- it is key.
Looking forward to today's mail arrival. With all of my swaps now sent out, it is fun to just sit back and see what comes. That's the benefit of getting done on time or early, I guess. Forgot to take a picture of the snowman swap I sent to Mary Isabella, but I guess that's a good thing because she's one of my regular blog visitors. So, no sneak peek for you, Mary! Ho, ho, ho.


Elaine Thomas said...

Very Cute!!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Your doodle kitties are so cute! You were done sleeping & getting up at 4 am and I was feeling finally able to go to sleep at 4am. :-)

Iowa Sunshine said...

Your kitties are so cute! Wish the yellow tiger were for trade. I lost my sandeeclaws recently after having him for 17 years and have been looking for yellow tiger atcs for a rememberence of him. If you ever have one for trade let me know. I love your art. Thanks for sharing it..HUGS