Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ga Ga for Octopi. Blog Explains it All.

So much is going on; I wish I were an octopus. Or a General. As in "yes, ma'am" and "right now, sir, ma'am." That would mean I would have little helpers, like art elves, to help me get everything done for the shows, swaps and contests going on right now (not to mention holiday gifts!) Gifts? I thought it was still late summer, or at least early fall. And now I have to contend with all my clocks "falling back" tonight, thanks to Daylight Savings Time.
This is nothing new to most of you, but here in Indiana we are only about one year into this new plan which we haven't had since 1972. And back then, all I cared about was boys, or maybe Barbie dolls. But I think it was boys.
So, not only do I have to remember to change all my clocks, I have to figure out what time it really is (okay, so I've already butchered three pop songs in three paragraphs - if anyone can figure out what they are and send a comment, I'll send you an art goodie). The reason I have to figure out the time is that of our 33 clocks, watches, cell phones and computers, we've got a spread variation of 17 minutes and about that many different times going at the moment. But enough about that.
Here's a little sneak peek of a garland I am making for Heather in the Ga Ga for Garlands swap. I think I like it so much, I need to make myself one. I also have a groovy swap with Dale at Sea Dream Studio, and an ATC swap with Debra L. in TN. My ATC shown from my Zettiology group, "Believe in Art," is the one I am sending her.
Not sure if I am supposed to blog about this yet, but no one said it was a no-no, so here goes: some of my artwork was chosen by ARTchix Studio to appear on the pet faux postage sheet that will be sold in the studio to art lovers all over the world! This is really my first hard copy publication, so I am very honored and excited. ARTchix truly does reach all over the world as it is based in Canada, and the Yahoo! ARTchix group I am in has members from Great Britain and Spain to name a couple spots. Here's a sneak peek at one of my five submissions. I don't know what was chosen. This is one I doodled.
Another one shows sweet Larry, who is a little sick and is at the vet this weekend. He's only 3 and so loveable and is having a lot of urinary and digestive tract problems. But Dr. Carla Carlton says he should be as good as new soon. I went to visit today. He does not like the barking dogs there and burrows under his blanket. I wanted to steal him away home, but I know he needs fixed up. Lester is missing him. Lester was on a pet faux postage stamp submission also.
I also am finishing submissions for Somerset Studio and the Faerie Zine, so where are those art elves for packing and shipping? Next up are four ornaments for the Pink Ornament Swap, and I am starting with bottle brush trees for my base. Shown here is the most adorable ornament ever, and she is headed straight for my house (along with five hot pink-headed sisters) for my white tree. Sadie Lou Hartmann makes the greatest stuff! You can find her on Etsy here: or here, but you can't have my Betsy!
My other upcoming projects are a cottage swap wherein I will make, paint, decorate a tiny little whimsical holiday house, and a snowman ornament swap. I'd like to get more stuff done and off to ebay to support all my viscious art habits (more on new ones later), but the elves and the octopi haven't shown up yet.
Don't forget to read the post below to help my Chubbyville group save the gorillas. Please.

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Sadie Lou said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out! I love your blog--it's so entertaining. You have a really sweet way of writing.
I'm so excited to get your order finished so I can take pictures of them all together--won't they look cute?!
I appreciate your business...
~Sadie Lou