Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So Much Goodness All in One Day!

Lots to share here! Larry the Cat is home from the hospital after a week. He ate something very bad that nearly killed him. After many xrays, enemas, fluids, anesthesia, four different medicines and much more (on a loooong, detailed bill), he is home! Lester has been missing him, and so have we! Larry is the brown-nose(r), and Lester is pink. Larry says, "why did I have to get sick, mom?"

The adorable ornament with intricate sequins I posted about before arrived in the flesh (fabric?) today from the sweet Sadie Lou. More to come! Sadie Lou and I both hope to go to Silver Bella next year. Too many lucky artistas will be having fun this weekend in Omaha without us!

Besides the beautiful Blythe Style book I got on Amazon with amazing photos by Gina Garan, I finally took the plunge after weeks of study and ordered my Blythe from ebay, and she is en route from Tokyo. Blythe dolls were originally manufactured by Kenner for one year, in 1972. Hasbro later bought Kenner. In any event, both the Ashton Drake Galleries and Takara Tomy Japan reintroduced Blythe in about 2000, and they have been a cult phenomenon. There are about 700 Flickr groups devoted to Blythe as well as countless ebay and etsy shops. The most popular websites appear to be and An adorable blog is I can't get enough! Anyway, I chose the model "Star Dancer" (shown here), and she is soon to be renamed Lilly. People actually spend hundreds of dollars customizing and clothing their Blythe dolls with false eyelashes, mink and more.

The mermaid ATC shown was just for fun, but I have a couple of ATC swaps coming up as well as a Mermaid theme swap, so who knows where it will go? The yellow pear ATC is a swap I received from the talented Deb Lockard, tnangel on ebay and Stars*Go*Blue on Flickr. I think it is Zetti-licious!

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