Friday, November 23, 2007

Trees 2, 3 and 4 Done. Check. Check. Check.

Black Friday is the greatest day of the year for staying home, sleeping in, decorating, eating leftovers, baking something, ordering pizza and decorating some more. Today I not only managed to get a handle on the overload of Thanksgiving dishes, (dishwasher loads, that is), but I also went through more basement storage to bring up my office tree, put out my outside tree and find all the supplies for the big tree in the family room.
It was spitting snow and freezing while I was out gathering up plants and gourds, changing flags, rigging up a park bench vignette and, yes, spray painting a wreath. I never seem to do any of this when it is warm. My wreath turned out well, with some quick spritzes of silver, gold and spray snow on a formerly red, white and blue wreath. I made a fancy gold bow and was all set. The outside tree is heavily flocked, a former prop from Bath and Body Works. I have a plethora of $1 trees for various seasons from BBW. Gotta have connections.
My office tree is 3', kind of vintage Victorian, reds and golds, with some glass hearts and a Capiz shell angel on top. The family room tree is traditional greem with all of the kids' handmade ornaments on it, some of mom and dad's childhood ornaments, some Hallmark sentimental year ones and some with pictures of our former cats, Myrtle, Murphy, Maynard and Mookie. We so look forward to getting all of these out every year.
Also here is an up-close shot of one of my six 'Besty' ornaments on my pink tree from Sadie Lou Who on Etsy or here
Decorating is mostly done, except for some snomen here and there, and the basement family room. That one gets a skinny prim tree, if I put it out. We remodeled the basement into more of a retro-modern Pier 1/Pottery Barn American casual look this year, and I am not sure the old country primitive ornaments are going to work. But then, four trees are just as good as five.


Mary Isabella said...

Love the music love the trees love it all!!! Mary

Kristin Hubick said...

Hey! Was my tin published??? Where?? I sent that in SOO long ago! They never said anything??? Seriously flipping out now. Where did you see it???!!!!!!!!!