Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Bunch of Wonderful Things

Yesterday I was thinking I might not even bother to put up my big Christmas tree. I thought I might not even do my other big one- a white artificial for which I have all new fuschia and silver ornaments I haven't even used yet. Bah, humbug.

Today I wake up to huge snowflakes, and it is all good! First things first. New holiday music for my blog- quite an eclectic mix if you check my playlist at the bottom of the screen. Project Playlist is great fun for mixing your own collection.

Trees? Not today, but soon. Still the big one for the family room seems to take up the entire room, and I could do without it. But, it has all the traditional family ornaments, the adults' childhood ornaments, ya know, so we really have to. Plus, the DH likes to watch television by tree-light- even if he likes the big, yucky, multi-color lights instead of little twinkly white ones.

Yesterday I received the most amazing sort-of-ATC, sort-of-art-doll (shown here) from Carol Stocker, a fellow ARTchick from Spirit's Journey We did a 1:1 trade. Hope she likes her Mercat. No, not meerkat. Or whatever they are.

Today is the opening day to register for Art & Soul in Hampton, VA for May 1-5, 2008. I sorted out my classes last night and hope I get my first choice. Meanwhile, I also emailed Elaine in Ohio of Artful Spirit to see if she is going and would like to ride with me. Lucky for me, she said yes! That will make the trip so much more fun and easy. I wish it were now! Elaine makes incredibly neat, wonderful stuff and may have a table at vendor night at A&S. Check out her site or her Flickr photos.

I first "met" Elaine when she so kindly bought my creation "Hope will Always See a Star" for the ZNE Hope Sees a Star fund raiser auction. My piece is shown here again and one of Elaine's creations.

And if all this were not fabulous enough, I took the plunge and ordered an ADG Blythe brunette who only has to travel from Illinois to Indiana and so should probably be here about the same time as Lilly from Tokyo. I think I will take my time coming up with a name for this one. I may have to whip out my crochet hook and sewing machine and create some fashions. There are amazing intricate outfits for sale on ebay and etsy both. It's a whole other world. And to those who find any part of this post weird, I say, as any good Blythe would, "whatever!"


Elaine Thomas said...

OH Gina, I love the little paper dollie she is just adorable.

Loudlife said...

Thank you for your nice note! Believe me, I would still be sitting on my submission to this day if I hadn't made a committment to my friend Pam ( ) to do a dual submission! You do such nice work, you should definitely send it in.

I love that you put the Star Wars Christmas song in your playlist! I made a playlist for the family blog (read: christmas wishlists for the relatives to peruse, otherwise I get 50 calls asking me what size Rexy wears) and I almost put that on, but sent it to my Star Wars fan cousin instead. It's too funny! There's a whole album of it, too. After I told my other cousin (sister of SW fan) about it she ran out and ordered it for her brother. The '78 Star Wars Christmas Special will never die...

Speaking of lucky - Art and Soul?!?!?! That rocks! I am so envious. You're going to have such a fabulous time. I can't wait to hear what classes you'll be taking.


Mary Isabella said...

I love the dolls. I tried to email you bur it would not go. I lkie all the colors of Christmas. What about you??Please email me and let me know. My blog is Have a great night Mary