Friday, November 2, 2007

The Faerie Zine: My Newest Ebay Group

EFFA is the acronym for Enchanted Fantasy and Fairy Artists, who belong toThe Faerie Zine. This is a group filled with inspiring artists who create works of fantasy, in a variety of mediums and styles. It is a place where members can come together to share experiences, techniques, ideas and most of all, enchantment. Please type in EFFA in ebay search to see an array of exceptional art from this magnificent group. Published artist and wonderful person Lisa Kettel has founded this group on ebay, Flickr, and is the creator, editor and publisher of The Faerie Zine. Recommended reading!


vivian said...

hello Lilly of Londonish,
I'm in the faerie zine group also.. isnt it the best place! Lisa is absolutely awesome!
I have you in for the snowman swap. feel free to post the badge on your site and spread the word. there are 16 of us right now. sign up goes until the 9th. so theres room to grow!
please email me all your info.. address and email.
I'll post more info later adn will post partners on the 10th!
I think this is going to be fun fun fun! thanks for signing up!

quazipseudo said...