Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Is Art?

I haven't made anything lately that I would normally classify as art or even altered art, so I haven't had much to post about. But then, like Carrie in SATC, I wondered: what is art?

Is it spray painting?

I certainly felt artistic and got covered with enough paint and turpentine to qualify while DIY-ing some home improvement to all this dollhouse furniture as evidenced by the before and after pictures. You can see and read much more on my Blythe blog.
Is it food? Salad? Veggies?

I have been trying to eat better lately, not that I don't love salad anyway. But I've been talking to a nutritionist about headaches, sluggishness, sinus pain and puffy eyes, and now in my pantry I have hemp powder, stevia, sunflower seed "peanut" butter, almond milk, goat yogurt, spelt bread and more. So far, so good.

Is it flowers? Is it a pink, vintage pillow? Is it toy robots and little collections? Is it folding a tiny piece of paper into a realistic little box and being happy with the results? All these things seem beautiful to me. They were created by someone. Does that make them art? They give someone else pleasure. Is that art?
What about shoes? Are they art? Are beautiful shoes a work of art? Carrie would say yes.
What about these Manolos? What makes people (and characters) go crazy for them? Why did these shoes start out in a store at $585 when others are $85 or $58 or even $19.99? What makes them sell on ebay for $360? What makes me covet them, even gently used, at an elegant re-sale shop called Chic to Chic where, after sleeping on it, I dash back in search of them still, for $149? Is it because they are art? Is it because they are couture? And what makes a shoe couture? Is it because they are cool? I have to say these must be some kind of work of art because they fit like gloves (gloves for feet?), they aren't painful, and as high as they are, they still feel good. Can that be the art of the shoe?
What is art to you?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey, kids! JMHO that I should TTYL on FB

Do all parents stalk their children's Facebook pages? I think so. Why, I'm sure a parenting magazine or two told us we were supposed to stalk their Facebook. It didn't mention an age limit. Is 19 and in college too old? What about 26 going on 16? Frankly, it's my duty as a loving mother to look. How else would I ever know my daughter kissed an iguana?


Soothing view
Originally uploaded by Gina2424
Yes, thank goodness it IS Friday. But, can anyone tell me why I am where I am and not where I was, which is here (in this here picture)? Although come to think of it, last Friday I was in the car, slowly making my way from South Carolina to Maryland. This time it was a 7- or 8-hour drive instead of an 11-hour drive like the Friday before that. So. come to think of that...including today, my last three Fridays have been stinky. Why are sand and sun and blue water so soothing? I mean, after all, there are sand ants and bugs, and sand gets in your shoes, your eyes, your hair, your food. Sun burns your skin until it blisters (I know) and makes you look old (I know). And, the blue water contains lots of scary, slimy creatures. I know. Still, it is my favorite place these last 25 years. Take me back. Triple entendre.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday morning at the beach

7 a.m. Almost time to pack up all those art supplies I brought but didn't use, books I didn't read, to-do lists I didn't do, shoes I didn't wear......

Monday, April 5, 2010

On learning how to relax again on vacation

Loads of laundry done 3*
Beds made 0
Dishwasher loads 0
Times used Windex 0
Sunscreen bought 1
Aloe vera bought 1
Bananas consumed 3
Ankles twisted 1
Photos taken 200
Photos uploaded 40
Books read 0
Art projects done 0
Trips to the grocery 3
Seafood eaten 0**
Sunny days 3/3
Wine purchased 1***
Wine consumed 0
Number of colors in living room 27
Number of naps 0
Number of burkas or muumuus required for beach 1
Number of burkas or muumuus brought 0
Number of horrific, white, beached whales spotted 1
Number of great white sharks caught in North Myrtle Beach and reeled in 2****
Number of books or magazines able to read on beach with new sunglasses 0
Number of cleaning efforts (any kind) made so far 0
Number of favorite spots torn down: several
Number of backsides now burned 1
Times coming in for bottled water - several
People on beach - 1 gazillion + assorted dogs
Dogs seen:
Boxer and dalmation mix 1
Dachshund 1
Golden lab - 1
Yorkies- 12 (or maybe it's the same one)
Shitzus- 2
Whippet 1
Puggle 1
Corgi 1
Misc 10
Cats 0
Minutes spent gazing at ebay 0
Bad hair days 3/3

* stacking apartment size appliances (cute, though)
** yet
*** juice box size and shape, in fact, it is wine in a juice box
**** that I know of

Beach update

6:35 a.m. 04.05.10. Woke up, decided to try sunrise pictures. Captured spooky white circle (sun wasn't up yet and moon was behind me). Went back to bed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How not to go on vacation?

Ahhhh! North Myrtle Beach, S.C. Arrived April 2. This is approximately my 40th visit in 25 years. This vacation was so needed; doctor's orders even. I haven't blogged here lately or posted (or made) much art. Haven't been feeling too creative or inspired or energetic.

So, I thought I would bring plenty of inspirational supplies, reading material and the like on vacation. The pics above don't even include the four Blythe dolls I brought to photograph and all of their belongings and props. But what you do see are enough supplies to knit, crochet, embroider, paint with acrylics, paint with watercolors, draw with charcoal or graphite, and of course equipment to photograph, blog, listen to music or do real work.

I wonder if I need "help" in learning how to take a vacation? I didn't used to. Already I have a sunburn. That might be viewed as a positive in this situation. We shall see. More to come...