Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey, kids! JMHO that I should TTYL on FB

Do all parents stalk their children's Facebook pages? I think so. Why, I'm sure a parenting magazine or two told us we were supposed to stalk their Facebook. It didn't mention an age limit. Is 19 and in college too old? What about 26 going on 16? Frankly, it's my duty as a loving mother to look. How else would I ever know my daughter kissed an iguana?

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vivian said...

HI Gina! I'm so far behind on reading blogs! LOved seeing the pics of your kids. They are both good looking kids! Do they stalk you as well? My girls read my blog. I dont think my boys do. I am "friends" with all of them of face book, but they complain that parents shouldnt be allowed there!
Oh well.. yes... we shall continue to see whats up with them!
Stalk onward!