Friday, April 16, 2010


Soothing view
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Yes, thank goodness it IS Friday. But, can anyone tell me why I am where I am and not where I was, which is here (in this here picture)? Although come to think of it, last Friday I was in the car, slowly making my way from South Carolina to Maryland. This time it was a 7- or 8-hour drive instead of an 11-hour drive like the Friday before that. So. come to think of that...including today, my last three Fridays have been stinky. Why are sand and sun and blue water so soothing? I mean, after all, there are sand ants and bugs, and sand gets in your shoes, your eyes, your hair, your food. Sun burns your skin until it blisters (I know) and makes you look old (I know). And, the blue water contains lots of scary, slimy creatures. I know. Still, it is my favorite place these last 25 years. Take me back. Triple entendre.

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