Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where Am I? And Why? And Who Cares?

Well, I'll tell you! And then I'll explain the title of this post. My little perplexed mermaid ATC was chosen for an artist of the week gathering at The Faerie Zine both here: and here: Thanks to owner and imaginator and birthday girl Lisa Kettel for choosing me (again).
So as I thought about posting this and the fact that I have blogged about similar awards before made me think: "boy, you sure are obnoxious, girl!" Girl = me. Obnoxious = writing about my art and awards and me, me, me.
I've really been thinking about this since I read blog friend Altered Kat's post on her blog someone criticized her for blogging about her art and what she sells. I just couldn't believe it. Still can't.
Here is what she wrote: "I was recently criticized for my blog being one big commercial...and for my readers, if you are looking for a more in depth Kat, you won't find it here. I do not blog to keep a personal diary of my life on line...I treat my 2 worlds as such...there is "on line Kat" and there is the mom, the wife, the daughter, the sister...etc.I do not post facial pictures of my family on line, I do not mention the town in which I live. I have mentioned that I am a stay at home mom trying to relieve some of the financial pressure off of my husband...which is probably why my blog seems so commercialized." She concluded by saying, in essence, with all the crap in the world, why can't we all just play nice? Amen, sister.
I have been blessed with supportive and encouraging comments from my blog readers, and I cannot tell you or say 'thank-you' enough for how much that has propelled me forward in my art. All of this has also reminded me to visit my blog friends more often and remember to leave (nice) comments as well.
So, why did I start blogging? Because I could. (well, to see if I really could). I had missed the place writing had in my life. I was also way behind in my computer skills- having once worked at a daily newspaper, writing and editing, pasting up the old-fashioned way, taking photos with a camera as big as my head (a Hasselblad, actually). So, I wanted to join the 21st century with a bang. I also wanted to keep a record for myself of all the art I am making. And, I wanted to be uber-cool and progressive by making my "private" art diary (weblog) part of the online community (translation: being brave).
I have been 100% rewarded. Maybe 1000%. If I could say anything to Kat's detractor or anyone's, it would be this: you do whatever you want with your blog and so will I, and so will Kat and Lisa, and Kari and Heather and Alicia and Kris and Chrysti and Claudine and Gail and Michelle and Chel and Izabella and Lisa and Cris and Laurie and Suzan and Sadie and all my wonderful blog friends I haven't mentioned and hope to meet down the road.
Whew! Don't know where that came from. I guess I am a little tired of defending my altered art and Zetti love and Blythe fixation and cupcake craving and etsy habits and more as "not weird." So there people. Artists WILL take over the world someday.....and you'll thank us!
Now, where was I? Oh yes, in the spirit of the above I am already linking on for Karla's blog party here: What a great idea! On Dec. 12 we will all hop from blog to blog enjoying each other's holiday decorations. Gives me something to focus on, instead of just slapping my tree together. Mark your calendars. In the meantime, just go blog about something. It could change your life.

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Oh man, how could I have a blog and not talk about what I have made and what is for sale??? I guess I am one big commercial too.

I'm glad you are coming to my party, I look forward to seeing you there. I appreciate you telling people about it!