Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random randomness and some beautiful beautiful-ness

I received the darling birdie boat recently from the uber-talented Debrina Pratt. Far be it from me to make art of the calibre to swap art-for-art with her, but I did send her a supply goody box in trade for this lovely little creation, which will be given pride of place somewhere around the "studio." Debrina sells on Earth Angels, Ebay, Etsy and more and another boat can be seen on her blog by following the link on her name above or by going to her Flickr.

The next photo is a little dangly I made for a pendant swap being hosted by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I had such a great experience with their charm swap last year, that I decided to join the pendant swap. I love that magazine! The pendant is a pre-made copper-y receptable into which I added glitter and paper flowers with rhinestones and then Judikins DG3 art gel to set it. It's pretty simple, but I thought it was kinda sweet.

Lastly, I wish you could see better what I see out my window most days lately--which is three cardinals, two males and a female. Wonder how that's workin' out for them? And why does the male have to be the pretty one?


vivian said...

I love Debrinas art too and I have a few pieces of her work from a couple swaps I did with her. they do have places of honor in my craft room. So does the little pink birdie in the nest that you made me!
have a great day!

Michelle Mach said...

Very sweet pendant for CPS! I've got to get busy finishing mine up.