Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you remember Petite Princess or Princess Patti miniatures?

Although, like Blythe dolls, this dollhouse furniture was only produced for a short time, it left quite an impact on little girls...and apparently big girls, as two of them, Linda Gant and Deb Holman, have produced a large 200+ page compendium and complete reference guide to this detailed lovely furniture.
Created in the French Provincial style popular in homes at the time, Petite Princess furniture was incredibly detailed and made use of or simulated such materials as velvet, brocade, satin, brass marble and glass.
Both Linda and Deb talk about their childhood introduction to Petite Princess, which spawned an adult collection and a collaboration between the two which ultimately resulted in this book. They met on-line in 2003 and eventually met in-person in 2009, when the book was nearing completion. The Web site, started by Linda's husband, has connected many collectors. You can find the book here.
A couple years ago I also blogged about my love of the miniatures and was contacted by Deb and Linda about being quoted in their book. I did not hear more for the longest time, but this winter I received an order form for the book and was pleased to discover my blog post was reprinted on pp. 60-61 in their book, along with fond memories from many other adult collectors or those who remembered playing with the furniture as a child.
The book is incredibly thorough, with a full history, explanation of Petite Princess versus Princess Patti furniture, pictures of variations which appeal so much to collectors, a full pictorial guide with each piece, display solutions and photos of some incredible doll houses as well as many pictures of Ideal toy company's advertising and marketing materials for the line.
If you love Petite Princess, or even dollhouse furniture in general, miniatures, detailed replicas or perhaps just the 60s, you'll love this guidebook and trip down memory lane.


Terri said...

Oh I had some of these as well and I loved them! I had the blue silk chair, the clock and screen, the piano, and more. I have missed these so much!
Thank you so much for sharing these Gina! It brought back great memories!

My Realitty said...

Hi, just found your post. A friend of mine, Lemoncadet started a flickr group of Ideal Petite Princess furniture pictures. I think the Hollywood Regency style it represents is becoming more popular as familiarity with midcentury design widens. I blogged about it too on this week! Love it cheers, CM