Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blogger To Blogger, Passing on the Love

Receiving a blog award from a friend who is also a fellow artist and a fellow artist who is also a friend is extra special, especially when that award is bestowed by none other than the uber talented Lisa Kettell of The Faerie Zine. Lisa has so many irons sizzling in the art fire, I can barely keep up. And, when the award bestowed is for good blogging, and it comes from a fellow blogger, that is truly a compliment. We may not all compete in the true sense of the word, but certainly we share much of the same audience of readers. Never has a more supportive place been found than that special cyberspace spot where my fellow artists, bloggers, writers and friends gather, hopping from blog to blog. And although we can't and don't get to each and every daily, it is always a welcome stop when we do. So, thanks, Lisa, and in the spirit of the award, I am to pass it on to at least seven inspiring bloggers, so here I go.
1. Linda of Adventures of Molli She was one of the early bloggers in the Blythe world, and if it weren't for her, I'm not sure I would have found my blogging muse. Her blog is like a Disney movie, so sweet and entertaining, with sneaky adult (not X just grown-up) humor popping up to suprise you.
2. Joanne of Ad Libitum, also of the snarky adult highbrow art humor I love, and she is a faithful visitor and commentor to other's blogs.
3. The Paper Crown Queen Blog I don't even know whom this is, and I love it!
4. Art and Blythe friend Maija, who sent me to #3, so I've got to thank her. We're going to have a Marie A debate any day now.
5. Jo's Labour of Love . This is Mary Ann's sister's new blog, which is off to a fine start.
6. Mica from ZNE and Etsy, with the most incredible work. So glad I found her via Angela Mica and I have a swap coming up, and I am so excited!
7. And Gail Schmidt from Shabby Cottage whose design team I am on, and who has the most wonderful shops and blogs - that's right, plural on both, so here's a plug to her new art challenge (with prizes!) blog at Mind Wide Open Everyone is free to play here!
Did you notice how I snuck 10 in there? Follow these links. You won't be disappointed.


pamelahuntington said...

HI Gina,
I love your blog...I remember the
first time I saw it.. being
super impressed with your
art and such great blog banner!
Thank you for the sweet email..
can't wait to meet up with you again
one day! And isn't Lisa the

Mind Wide Open said...

Gina, thanks for the award sweetie!


Labour of Love said...

wowzer, sweet gina!!!!!!!! thank you so kindly for awarding me with such an impressive honour...i've only been a blogger for about 3 weeks now and to receive such an award truly tickles my heart and warms my soule!!! congratulations on receiving such a fine award from Lisa...she's one excellent spark of light in this creative + magical realm and your blog truly demonstrates such beautiful inspiration! again, thank you for such an honour and spreading the love my way! ps...i'll do the same on my blog and find 7 sweet blogs to showcase. xoxo jo ;)

pammyjo said...

I have found your blog from Mind Wide Open. You have the most inspiring place. Love it and how do you do it all? Super talented and motivational. Can't say enough great things.

jillian said...

Hi Gina~
What a beautiful blog. I'm so glad we are partners for the swap. I've never made a pinkeep before, but I'll try my best! Have any special requests?!! Favorite colors? I'm thinking Marie Antoinette inspired maybe?!! I love her too, gorgeous outfits and all!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

LindaJ said...

Hi there, Gina!

Awww - thank you so much for the blog award! You are so sweet and your art and Blythe blogs are always entertaining.

Hope you had a wonderful July 4th!

Linda, Molli, and the gang