Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thanks to Kim for the Eye-Opener. Let's Support Each Other in Art and Life

I received this lovely award from single mom, artist and photographer Kimberly Miller. It said "for the coolest blog ever." It wasn't just modesty that made me crop off that part; it was the fact that it's just plain true there are way cooler blogs, and Kim's is one of those. So, I am honored to receive the award from her and to be in the company she listed for her other fave blogs. She had some of mine, too, like Kari Ramstrom's Artsymama.
But what really struck me about Kim's blog were her brutally honest words. I've visited before, but I'm not sure I've ever taken enough time to really read in depth. She touches on a lot of artists' worries, like making a living. She talks about raising her son alone. She talks about finding a decent job to match her skills in this economy. She includes her poetry. And her photographs are outstanding. Check out her self-published book on Blurb. She also has gorgeous calendars on Red Bubble.
Her comment to me was invaluable because it sent me to her blog once again, where I was reminded we artists need to support each other as do we moms, and maybe most importantly, as should we all as human beings. So. Go read her blog. Look at the pictures. Feel the pain and worry in her poems. And buy a book or calendar. Or two. It could be you next time. Or me.


Kimberly Miller said...

Gina - all I can say is - WOW and thank you. It's the first thing I've ever read about me and it just confirms my thoughts about you that you are a totally cool lady, which I knew from your blog. U Rock!!!!

Thanks Gina.

Sandy Michelle said...

Congrats girl! I'm off to check out her blog. BTW, I posted the charm pix in the Arte group...Sand xo

Maija said...

Supporting each other is essential to the special bond we have with our sister bloggers and artists!