Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Queen Has Spoken, and she said Tres Bien

Well, actually, Queen Marie didn't say much; she just hung out. But I said 'very good' because not only am I done with my two 8 x 8 pages for Lisa Kettell's Marie Antoinette collaborative, but I am also pretty happy with how they turned out.
This is possibly the most involved project I have ever done. The pressure was on with outstanding artists among the six in the book, including Lisa, Debrina Pratt of spark*your*imagination and Sandy Camarda of Art is the Colour and Textures of your Imagination I do not know the other two artists, but I soon will. I should be naming them here.
Lisa will be submitting the project for publication to L.K. Ludwig, a published artist, who is doing a book about collaborative projects. If it doesn't fly for that, or maybe even if it does, Lisa can always include it in her second book, which is already on the table. Her first comes out later this year, and (eep) I may be in it!
My first Marie, le Bebe, can be found here The one above in this post is the teen queen in a dress with a caged skirt underneath, posing in front of some other dresses from her no doubt excessive collection.
I can't wait to see the finished 12 pp book. Lisa will be making covers for us, and copies of the book for everyone. Muy bien. Bellissimo. Tres good.


Lilli said...

Votre Marie est Magnifique!

Sandy said...

Great job on your page! Isn't it a relief that it's completed?! Can't wait to find out if they get published. LK Ludwig was on the front page of this month's Somerset Studios magazine!


m i c h e l l e said...

SO gorgeous Gina!!!

Jade Adams said...

This is just gorgeous!!