Monday, April 21, 2008

Art & Blogging Award: Pass it On

Recently I received this beautiful award from two very talented ladies, Laurie-Blau Marshall and Heidi Eberle, both ZNE sistas and members of Artists and Poets. The award "Arte y Pico" was created to be given to bloggers who inspire with their writings and artwork. It is a special honor, and it is to be passed on to at least five others. There's more info at I'm not just saying this, but both Laurie and Heidi are two I would have thought of immediately, so I procrastined a little in posting this and making my selections.
But both Lisa Kettell and Debrina Pratt, fellow ZNE and Faerie Zine members I mentioned two posts below are both quite deserving. Lisa has boundless energy and keeps us all active and on track in The Faerine Group on Flickr, and Debrina has a certain style that cannot (and should not) be replicated. It is like viewing beautiful confections. Debrina gets a bonus point for being new to the world of blogging and jumping in with both feet!
I would also like to send a shout out to Vivian Neroni of I love visiting her blog to see what she has made. Her tiny bears are just the tip of her sewing talents, and I am very envious of anyone with sewing skills. Her photo arrangements and sneak peeks of her vignettes are very enjoyable.
Gabreial Wyatt, another one with apparently boundless energy, runs a website I write for as well as her own two etsy stores and a gathering place for vintage etsy folks (no, that is not old people). I single her out here because I love visiting her site and all its variety: travel articles, guest writers (besides me), DIY stuff, features on vintage lines and most of all: well-written stuff. Hooray for good grammar and spelling!
And finally, where would I be without Angela and Michelle? Still trying to figure out what "blog" means, probably. Michelle took me under her wing early on; I'm not even sure how or why. But, we've gotten to be great blogging buds, and are scheming to meet at an art retreat. I mention her blog also because of excellent writing (turns out she writes for work, as well) and because of all the eye candy photos - from her studio, her travels, her fun friends and husband (gotta love a DH who leaves blog comments) and of course, her artwork.
Angela is a true Gemini with one foot firmly in the art world and the other in the Blythe world. We started out blogging over art- she's a famous designer for Dream Street Papers and now we correspond constantly over our growing Blythe collections. 'Auntie Angela' is another talented sewer (I must have totally missed junior high home ec) and is making some clothes for my girls as a trade. We are meeting soon- ironicly enough- once for art at the ZNE Castle in the Meadow event and once for Blythe, at the TIB and Blythe Network Midwest Meet-Up at her house.
I know I have forgotten many, but many of those also received awards from Laurie or Heidi on more in our "art circle," which truly is a circle around the world.


m i c h e l l e said...

Oh you great big sweety petey!!1 Thank you SO much, my very thoughtful friend!!!

And congrats to you for getting the award!!!! Supremely well deserved! :-)

vivian said...

aww! thanks Gina! Very sweet of you to think of my little blog! so now I need to think of 5 to pass the award on too! hmmm.. there are so many!!!
thanks again adn hugs to you!

vivian said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you, I LOVE your blog banner! Awesome!!

faerie enchantment said...

OMG, you just made my week Miss Gina,you are absolutely, positively amazing.
I'm so excited. I'll be collecting my award in a minute and going to see which ones I will pass it on to next.
Thank You!

m i c h e l l e said...

And just when you thought life couldn't get more fun...I just tagged you on my blog. Come on over and see! :-)