Monday, April 7, 2008

Something Old, Something New

North Myrtle Beach sort of looks the same, I guess. Or maybe I should say my pictures always look the same. New on the scene, though, is the Hard Rock Amusement park, opening April 15 with The Eagles' Life in the Fast Lane Coaster, Led Zeppellin gift shop and more. The Eagles and The Moody Blues (are they even alive?) will play for the grand opening. We will miss both, but I did learn there is now a free "backstage tour" offered at the new theme park. So, why not? There is even a "paying" hard hat tour. Not sure that will be necessary. Too many other things to do. Like shop. Sunbathe. Eat shrimp until I grow a tail. Will not be posting photos of any of these things.
On the art front, as opposed to ocean-front, I completed my first of 12 houses for Jeri Aaron's House Row Swap. I needed to make a haunted house anyway for an ARTchix contest and Stampington & Co is seeking vintage Halloween images until April 15 for publication, so I decided to do triple duty. My house is pictured here. That's handmade holey paper standing in for cobwebs in case you're wondering. Some of the elements used were required for the ARTchix part. I was thrilled that Jeri not only asked me to be in this swap but also in a "side deal," she cut my houses for me in trade for some ephemera. The houses are mat board, which is pretty heavy, and I usually can draw blood just using an ink pen. So I was appreciative of her cutting efforts! If you want to see some really cool finished houses, check out Kathy Wasilewski's at They are really great!
And it is such a small art world, really. My dear new Blythe friend Angela, herself an accomplished and published artist, invited me to join Altered Art Divas Reliquary on Yahoo, which I promptly did, and ran in to Jeri there! I have yet to look up 'reliquary' to remind myself what it means, but I'm pretty sure it means "bunch of broads with one foot in grave doing art." Don't tell Angela I said that. But our Blythes keep us young. Or, maybe it is just the scouring of vintage stores for valuable doll clothes that keeps us that way.
Back to art.


Anonymous said...

The Eagles play June 2nd and the Moody Blues play June 3rd. Both are very much alive, sound excellent, and still tour.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Hey, weren't you supposed to swing by Texas and pick me up on the way to SC??
Have fun!

faerie enchantment said...

Hey Gina,
Now I'm blogging and can visit! Love Myrtle Beach, haven't been in a few years.
Love the Eagles (Don Henley) and The Moody Blues, two great bands, I have yet to see either of them in concert, but hopefully I will soon!
Hugs my dear!

Heidi said...

Love the new look on your page, Great Banner!! The Haunted house house is too fun! Enjoy your vacation. Just touching base because I have been so OUT of touch. I am pretty sure reliquary has a different meaning though - lol!!

Anyway - please jump over to my page at your conveinience to retreive an award I am passing along to you - your frienship and inspiration are priceless and deeply valued :) - Although I have given up trying to keep up with you!!

Loudlife said...

Hello Miss Gina!

Swing over to my blog...