Saturday, April 26, 2008

Look Who Just Popped In! Make that Out!

The sparrows who were just white-grey eggs Friday decided to hatch today. There was a flurry around the front door where they are parked. Three adult sparrows-two with red heads-so I am not sure what kind of menage-a-trois we have. In fact, I guess I am not even 100% sure they are sparrows. I know they are not robins. This nest is built (for the second year in a row), in the grapevine wreath I have hanging on the outside (obviously) of the front door. It is so funny, because there was already a nicely-done fake nest and fake eggs on the wreath. Hope these guys don't get confused when they start to fly.
We removed the nest last year after they all flew away because with five baby birds and their parents, there was quite a lot of poo on the door and wreath and nest-not really what you want people to see when they ring. I had no idea someone would build a nest this year. I really don't think it is the same bird; she looks too small. But who knows? Maybe we got a 5-star rating last year, and the news spread like wild bird seed.
It's going to be cold tonight-40s-and colder still next week. Now, I will have to be a worry-wart.

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Lilli said...

They're so cute! I always think it's such a blessing when birds build a nest nearby....(minus the bird poop of course)