Thursday, November 20, 2008

I want to live at this Salvage & Vintage Shop!

My second trip to 55 West & Co., in Millersburg, Ohio was just as wonderful as the first. And although this time I chose two pairs of handmade beaded earrings by owner Stefanie Kauffman, there were plenty of great vintage finds and salvage to remind me of my earlier treasures found in July: an old doll head, antique baby shoes and some old funky pencil people.
55 West is technically located at 45 West Jackson in Millersburg, don't ask me why. Jackson is also the popular Ohio Rte 39, which leads travelers straight into the heart of Amish country at Berlin, Walnut Creek and more. See my full report on Vintage Indie.


vivian said...

i want to go there! looks like a great place to find treasures!
I'm trying to remember what box youre talking about from last year?? at Christmas time? or are you thinking of the easter one? in any case, Id love to do a 1:1 winter swap with you! how about mid januaray?


I will be sure to check it out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!