Friday, December 12, 2008

So Excited! You'd Think I Just Got Published

These two amazing books are by and belong to two fellow artists and people I can truly call friends. I am so excited for them! Each is very different - the book and the person- and I feel privileged to say my art is in each book. The thrill of publication belongs solely to the artists, Jane Powell and Lisa Kettell. But, I'm so thrilled for them, you'd think they were my books.
Altered Art Circus is now available here on Amazon. You won't be disappointed. And I can say that even though my copy is not in my hands yet, for I have some of Lisa's original work as well as works by some of the other contributing artists.
Artist and Silver Bella founder Teresa McFayden reviewed the book here. Although I didn't get a mention there, I am just so happy with her review of Lisa's book. The circus animals by Lisa that Teresa shows on her blog are great, and interestingly enough, Martha Stewart just featured a similar project here by Katie Steuernagle, Matsutake on Etsy. And talk about full circle, Lisa was in the audience, third row, for the Martha taping that day!
The hand-made, 75-pp book above is equally impressive. Owner Jane Powell of Random Arts in Saluda, one of my favorite places, decided to host a collaborative journal project and even sent out some supplies to willing participants to get the ideas flowing. When the unique pages started flowing in from around the country and beyond, Jane knew she had something special.
So special is this book that Jane "donated" it for a fund-raising auction for the Saluda Senior Center and then Jane bought it back in a bidding war for $500.00! How great is that? You can see my "Sorry, Time's Up" page peeking out of the photo above and my finished project here. I hope I can get to Saluda again soon to see the entire book. Here's her story about it.


vivian said...

hi gina! I'm dying to see Lisas book. I know it has to be packed full of wonderful things!Lisa is awesome isnt she?? I'll look forward to seeing you in there too then!

random notes said...

Hey Gina, you can consider yourself published here in Saluda. YOU are in this book and there is no book anywhere near or far that has a $500. value. It is really spectacular and I am so happy that you are a part of it.
thanks so much.
jane - random arts - saluda,nc

faerie enchantment said...

I'm so honored to have such a brilliant artist named: Gina Smith in my book, she made it even more special.
Gina you are the best!

MaygreenFairies said...

Hi Gina, Congratulations on being published, I too have work published in Lisa's Book and I can't wait to hold the real thing in my hands. Lisa is fantastic! Love your blog, I shall be returning. Mandy x

Sandy Michelle said...

Congratulations on your involvement in this Gina!I wonder how Lisa got tickets to the show? I have no clue how to add a blogger to your favourites. I have all my favourites saved on google.