Saturday, March 7, 2009

A breath of spring arrives!

Just when I thought another snow flurry in Indiana in March would leave me stark raving mad, this lovely little breath of spring arrived in the mail from Rachel for The Faerie Zine Bunny/Spring ATC swap.
Rachel makes the loveliest boxes and sells them in her Etsy store. We are also doing a 1:1 box swap- can't wait! Gotta get my cards and boxes done this weekend and will post pics. My other ATC parner is Patty, Eclecticarchivist.
And I really can't complain. Although it is gloomy today, it was sunny and 60+F degrees yesterday. Just a little tease.
Also another bright spot received are the two blog awards (top right) that I received last night from Lisa Kettell, who is one to always share in her bountiful art tidings.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Really cute little flower!

You may be tired of snow, but I'm hoping for it - we have a 'wintry mix' coming down and I want it to get colder and give us one more winter day! If I had had as much as you however, I probably wouldn't feel the same...

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

How are you? Lovely awards!!!!
Smiles and love.....Ann-Densie

Maija said...

If you really want to warm up Gina, come hang with me in Phoenix! It's sunny and warm!


I just stopped by to wish you a wonderful St. Patrick's day! - Teresa