Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vintage goodness: shadow boxes, projects, buttons and a magnetic memo tray

I decided it was high time to go through my two tins of buttons, and when I found this vintage tray a magnetic memo board came to life. The tray is actually salmon-colored, with gold and black, and so I used an assortment of red, pink, black, gray and gold buttons and the trusty glue gun.

I've been collecting vintage medical supplies for a long time, since I work in health care. The perfect shape shadowbox came along, and voila! Medical shadow box. I love using old printer's type-storage trays and drawers for shawdow boxes. My next project is to incorporate my vintage art, school and office supplies.


Ruth said...

Slightly green with envy at the shadow boxes and cool collections you have and what a fab idea for a tray.....I'm sure I have one lurking somewhre!!

Anonymous said...

Looooooove the tray! Yummy vintage colors. I made my daughter one a few years ago with a too cute Lil' Bo Peep tray. You've inspired me to make another one!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I've been out of blogland for a bit - good to be back and sift through all your treasures! Love the magnetic tray idea and your shadow box is fabulous!