Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bunny takes Baltimore by storm

I normally keep my Blythe postings to my Blythe blog, but on Saturday, Nov. 21, art and Blythe intersected as I visited The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore with my Blythe friend Maggie of Balto. Maggie is quite the collector, and not just Blythe. She has tons of Barbies, Momokos, Wonder Frogs, you name it. And, she has a great deal of talent in customizing and styling dolls, as you can see above from my Bunny Velvet, a former Ashton-Drake Roaring Red, which Maggie re-faced and re-eyed and re-everything'd.

We had a great lunch inside the museum at Mr. Rain's Fun House, and had a great Blythe chat with the owners, while they gratiously indulged our photo-taking. The restaurant and gift shop are highly-recommended! And, I'm a member of the museum, so of course it is high on my culture list.

If you've never heard of Blythe, a doll who made a brief appearance in the early 1970s, you can read more here, or simple type in "Blythe" on Ebay or Etsy, and prepare to get hooked.

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Bryanna Lenan said...

Bunny is one of my favorite gals!!