Monday, January 11, 2010

More Silly Sock Sewing

This creature remains unnnamed so far, unlike Claire and Gladys. She's supposed to be a cheerful monkey from the book, Stray Sock Sewing, Too by Daniel, he of the one-name artists' club. But, she looks like a cross bewteen a cow and an alien to me! But she was still fun to make, and is my best sewing machine effort so far. Just learning to sew after half a century. The triangle halter top I made in seventh grade home ec has been long forgotten, even if it would be still in style.


Bryanna Lenan said...

Or teeny tiny sewing machine apparently ROCKS as you keep sewing away... you go girl!!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

She is so cute, love her stripey stripes. I have that book, but haven't had the time to try any of the projects...maybe this year!