Saturday, February 27, 2010

Published in Somerset Studio

I had read in the email newsletter a week or two ago from my LSS (local stamp store) The Queen's Ink that owner Patti Euler had in the latest issue of Somerset Studio. Normally, I would have run over that day. It's only about eight miles, and I used to have to drive 80 miles roundtrip to get any decent magazines back in Indiana.

But, I've had a viscious case of the winter blahs, and so I didn't go. Until today. Imagine my surprise when the magazine fell open on the way home to a page with a piece of art I recognized well!

Seeing my "Alice" piece, above, was even more of a surprise because I had been expecting Somerset and Stampington to come out with their planned Alice in Wonderland issue. Hearing nothing, I had just sent an email the day before asking what had come of it. It also was a complete surprise to see because normally the magazine sends a postcard and/or a free issue to let you know you are going to be published.

But who's complaining? Not me. A surprise is nice, and being published is even better, especially when one has the blueblahs. By the way, the face in my collage above is from a collage image sheet I bought from Traci Bautista at Art and Soul, after taking a class from her. Here is some of the other work I sent. Very excited for the Alice movie to come out March 5. It looks crazy.


Joanne Huffman said...

Well deserved congratulations! I love Alice and your image is delightful.

vivian said...

Congratulations! I am surprised they didnt notify you though. I love the other pieces you submitted too Gina. I hope your feeling a little less blahful today!


Congratulations, Gina. That is awesome. I can not wait for the Alice movie to come out. It's right around the corner!!

Kim said...

Congrats Gina! I love your art!

Sandy Michelle said...

I saw it!!! CONGRATS girl! It's a lovely piece! Oh and I am loving all the AIW treats you got in the mail. That movie was GREAT! Have a fabulous week!!

Sandy xox