Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art: Inspiration

It's not like I've made any actual art lately. But I was missing my art blog, so I thought I'd post a few pics of inspiration I've found lately. I went to two thrift shops operated by Humane Society groups-one large and one small. I also went to a Goodwill (I can stay in there for an hour or more when the gettin' is good).
The (ugly) gold Pyrex bowls aren't exactly inspiration and that is not my pic, because mine are still in the trunk, but Pyrex sets from the 1970s are hot, hot, hot. I got this set for $10, and I'll probably upcycle (sell) them on Ebay. Similar sets are going for $50, and the older primary color sets are $75-$100. I used to have a ton of different Pyrex and Corning Ware accessories from my first 'grown-up' kitchen in 1980. And my mother had the classic white with cornflower blue motif as well as some of the rose/pink and white pieces. Honestly, how did avocado, gold, mustard, and coppertone ever become so popular in the 70s? What were we thinking?!
The lamp shade was $3.50, and I latched on to it for the gorgeous needlework. Is it crewel or embroidery, or is that the same? Anyway, I've been told this is a retired and highly-sought-after shade formerly sold by IKEA. I was thinking of cutting it up for a sampler and maybe some dolly clothes, but don't know if I can do that.
The big felt flower pin might be old or new; I can't tell. But I just like it, and will probably wear it. It would be better on a hat, if only I did hats. Maybe a purse or coat.
Lastly, the plastic necklace, cut up, will make some great pull rings for Blythe dolls: the two hearts and the peace sign. Everything else will just get sorted into my bead box.
I don't think I'm in an art funk. I've been SO busy lately--on vacation, playing with my niece, playing with my Blythes and Barbies, cooking up a storm, reading mags, staring at the computer (yes, busy, I said). And, isn't painting doll faces, making eye chips (eyeballs), and rerooting doll hair a form of art? I think so. For a peek at what's been consuming my time, visit my Blythe blog, Blythe-O-Mania Untamed. It may have to be renamed or have an addendum for Barbie Mania.


Bryanna Lenan said...

I thnk I have the pillows that match that cute lampshade... I have to find them... and yes, they are IKEA.



It's amazing the cool components you can find at the thrift shops. I'm sure that I've picked up a few things that left the clerk wondering, "Why in the world would she buy THAT"?


Sarcy said...

My mom still has some of those gold Pyrexes surviving from days of yore. I like 'em. I've loved all kinds of yellow since forever, though.

I have that cute Ikea shade on a lamp in my bedroom. The pattern is called "Alfhild Fagel." Sounds grody.

I just got (from Ebay) a cool old burlap sack, planning to make a pillow cover with it, but it feels way too scratchy for that. It's printed with "Michigan Navy Beans" inside a big outline of our fair state. Got any clever crafty ideas for such a thing?