Thursday, March 24, 2011

If I have all this inspiration, why am I not inspired?

Here's my little art nook in my kitchen: the desk where I usually sit and blog from my laptop or stare at Ebay for hours. Rubber stamps? Check. Acrylics, watercolors, canvasses, frisket, brushes? Check. Paper scraps, punches, glitter, ribbon? Check. Even a soldering iron and drill. Beads, wire and clasps? Yep. Mod podge, gel medium, Fixatif, glues and Gesso? Yes, yes, yes and yesso!
As you can see, I have so many supplies, my shelves are bending uder the weight. And this doesn't even show my yarn stash, spray paints, embroidery floss, portfolios of paper, vintage and antique trinkets, piles of magazines and craft books, birds' nests, get the idea.
So what is wrong with me? I have barely created anything in months. I feel bored and say I can't think of anything to do or to make. And yet, in the first two or so years of this blog, 2007-2009, I created with wild abandon and posted pics to Flickr, participated in swaps, sent stuff for publication, and just generally was on a tear. And now I am just...stuck.
Can someone un-stick me?


Jen said...

I am the same way right now! It's probably been a year since I've done anything great and I too have all the tools and resources at my fingertips! We need to play!

Nelly said...

I getlike that when I have too much I want to do then dont know where to start.Maybe start by writing down 5 - 10 things down you want to make and go from there. I get soo down when I am not creating.Maybe we could do something similar at the same time taht may spur you on?

Deb said...

I'm stuck too!! I'm attributing it to a very tough winter and a bad case of SADD (self-diagnosed) However, I recently ordered a double-wide room box in which I am planning to create a "Before and After" scene for a beautifully dressed mannequin that I won at a show.The free prize has probably cost me $200+ in materials for the planned room! If it snows on Friday, I pledge to work on it. So...consider that a challenge for you to something creative by the end of the weekend!!