Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crochet Art

I've been traveling a lot lately - TN, IN, OR, MD, CT - so it's not exactly conducive to having the canvasses, easels, paints, brushes and water sitting about for inspiration to strike. But my yarn, crochet hook and little scissors passed all the airplane inspections, and so I made some tiny Blythe clothes on my travels.
The sweater pattern is from Crochet Today! magazine, Jan-Feb 2010 and is an update on a 1960s knitting and crochet flier for fashion dolls. The hat pattern is from my friend Zoe Aarden's book, Grrrlie Designs for Blythe, which I edited (see sidebar on this blog).
Meanwhile, ever appreciative of real crochet talents, I bought this intricate vintage, yet mod, flower doily for $1 at an antiques mall. I knew I wanted to frame it, and so I sprayed it with fabric stiffener and then had it mounted to a bright mat to show off the pattern. Even with a ready-made frame, that $1 doily now has more than $50 invested in it for posterity.

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Marva said...

Oh your sweaters and hats look so much better than mine!