Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seeing Stars at ZNE

I am sort of ho-hum impressed by 'famous' people (read: celebrities), but show me a published artist or author, and I go ga-ga. So the ZNE book signings at Convenzione 2008 were quite a thrill. I purchased the book Crowns and Tiaras so I could have Pam Garrison sign it for me, which she did, top right, with Lisa Kaus, top left, who was also signing her feature in Lynne Perella's new book, along with JoAnnA Pierroti or 'Mossy' of Moss Hill Studios Although I didn't take my hardcover copy of that because I was flying, I was lucky enough to get to know Lisa a little bit and have her sign her "Birdy" canvas I bought. She's just as sweet as she looks, and so is Pam. I also got my 1000 Artists' Journals signed by editor Dawn DeVries Sokol and Pretty Little Things, signed by author Sally Jean Alexander.
Sweetness, or maybe cuteness is the proper term, certainly is evident in the second photo, with the Traveling Princess of Scrapbook Royalty, Elena Etcheverry,, left, and the inimitable Miss Vicky Breslin, right. Elena is just so cute one could eat her up, what with her adorable outfits, tiaras and equally adorable aprons. I kept waiting for Elena and Diva Danielle of Diva Craft Lounge to get into a tiara tussle, but apparently there is plenty of fabulousness to go around. Everyone really likes each other. Miss Vicky, a scrapping veteran, still retains her excitement about crafting and is so generous and nurturing of all artists in her midst.
And finally, just a teeny tiny bit of fame for moi. In the bottom photo you can see my framed mixed media collage "Let Them Eat Crow" being shown in the Worthington Gallery West in Pleasanton, CA, where it will be part of a month-long ZNE mixed media installation, which opened Aug. 22, 2008. So, I'm "gallery hung!" Off to update the resume!


Joanne Huffman said...

Of course your work is in an exhibit! How well deserved and how cool that all those people will see what a good artist you are! Enjoy your well deserved fame.


Sandy Michelle said...

A yes Elena ia a dear girl! I can't believe how many artists/authors you met! Your pix indicate what a fabulous time you had! Hopegully I'll be able to go next year!

Sandy xox

jackieb said...

Hi Gina: Love your blog. I was so happy to meet you at ZNEcon and hope to continue our friendship. I still want to know what you said to your hubby on your postcard :}
Talk soon, jackieb