Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mama and Baby Bird: Learning to Fly

I'm afraid it may be Mother Bird who needs to grow some wings, or maybe just get my own nest. Somehow my baby bird isn't a baby anymore. I think it's baby who is shoving mama over the edge and telling her to fly. Or maybe his tweets just mean I can get off the egg; it's already hatched. And baby bird is now going to be a Cardinal at BSU. Have no idea where the past 18 years have gone.

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vivian said...

congratulations to both of you! it is sooo hard to let them grow up, but also so rewarding and quite a thrill too. I'm having a harder time letting go of my youngest who is 20.. He drove to north carolina this week by himself to go hang out with a friend! I was so worried.. but he made it down there, and is having a good time.. Now I have to worry when he decides to come home. though he is presently unemployed and is toying with the idea of staying down there... YIKES! mama dont like that idea!
have a sweet weekend!