Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally! My Prince Cometh.

Along with some great swaps of a darling painted canvas from Kelly of Little Pink Trailer and an altered tin from Heather of Creative Solace, my prince arrived in the mail Thursday. And he even brought my favorite pie. Okay, so he's still a frog. But, I'm working on that. And he's, well, metal. But I've always had a thing for heavy metal and big hair. And so he didn't bring a pie, big deal. The fact remains: he's here. And he's mine.
Actually, Mr. Squibb/Boric Acid (you know those heavy metal types) comes from Mike in Wisconsin from Etsy. I first posted about Mike's work on Vintage Indie in my review of the American Visionary Museum. Mike and I then decided to do an art swap and we're happy as clams, er frogs.
And besides, my prince doesn't hog the strawberry/blueberry pie I made.
Here's what I sent Heather: a nicho. And here's what I sent Kelly: a bracelet with vintage beads; and here's part of what I sent Mike: ephemera. I have more listed on Etsy. That pack is marked reserved- for yet another trade, with Fishstikks. But there's always more ephemera.


Mike Letendre said...

Spectacular photo of Squibb!
I'm sure he'll love his new home with homemade pies and mixed media art creating :)

Note: I actually live in Glenbeulah, Wisconsin (not Florida.)

Little Pink Trailer said...

Cute blog! Thanks for the mention! I love the other blog as well since my DD is into Blythe!

Terri said...

Love it! Especially your "Squibb" prince (puts me in mind of Harry Potter).
You are having so much fun!