Monday, September 7, 2009

See Dick and Jane. See All These Other Fab Finds. Good Job, Finder-Person.

Ah, what's a Labor Day weekend without some serious junking? A trip to neighboring North Webster, home of tennis courts on the roof of a former bank-shaped-like-a-castle-that-is-now-a-shoe-store which overlooks a topless bar just a block or two from the lakefront, produced all this wonderful goodness above.

Steals, I tell you! Dick and Jane, while pretty rough inside, was only five bucks. This is a 1940s version; Dick, Jane and Sally were still up to their same hijinx when I met them in the 1960s. I'd always wanted to find this little piece of childhood again. I've seen similar versions not selling but sitting on Ebay for up to a hundred dollars!

Someone did some serious doodling in this one, as well as some ripping of pages, and the spine is loose. But, I plan to use some pages in altered art anyway, so it's all good. Good Dick and Jane. How did we ever tolerate that vapid phrasing?

The kitschy plastic heads on bottle bodies are part of the 1970s Avon Small World collection, a series of eight or so different countries represented (loosely) in shampoo, lotion and cologne. Stinky stuff now, but cute, cute bottles! I've located them all except the American cowgirl. I blogged about finding my first one over a year ago here.

The other heads add to my burgeoning doll head collection, oft blogged about here and here. The porcelain head is embossed Germany, and the other head, or mold, is either tin or aluminum with chippy beige paint or something flaking off. It has a large, planned hold in the back of the head, not sure why. It would make a great piece of Halloween altered art if I weren't collecting heads.

A hideously ugly wicker lunchbox purse for $10, French flashcards for $1, a vintage amber peroxide bottle and a vintage Evenflo mini glass baby bottle rounded out my Saturday, so far the highlight of my long weekend, along with staying up until 5 am Friday night/Saturday morning and 3 am Saturday night/Sunday morning to work on book pages for a swap. Need to get my rest so I have more energy for bargain-hunting!

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Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Gorgeous finds!! Of course you KNOW what my favorite is!!!
As for the other head, I am told the "planned holes" is where the wigs/hair was attached :).