Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love in a Priority Box

I received all these beautiful, yummy confections today, courtesy of Bryanna Lenan, a friend and like-minded artist and fellow blogger, after we decided to create our own 1:1 swap. I wanted one of her gorgeously-made statement necklaces that I had seen on her blog, and she went more than just the extra mile.
Can you see the tiny miniature statement necklace? That's for my Blythe dolls! More about that later, when we model! Then she made me one of her fabulous and famous button bracelets and a bubblegum/cotton candy colored, girly-theme charm bracelet with the most fun collection of charms, as you can see
Everything was packaged in pastel, sheer bags, and there was also gorgeous shabby rose pins she had made, cabochons to share, a pretty, but calorie-free sucker, and her sweet Moo cards.
Bryanna's been an ear on phone and email, too. I truly am blessed by my blog friends! Thank you, Bryanna, a million times over.


Bryanna Lenan said...

I am so glad you liked everything... I love swapping with you as we are like minded and I just adore you!!


Home and Heart said...

I have also been so VERY lucky to swap with Bryanna!! She is such a wonderful and kind person as well as an amazing crafter of beautiful items!! A beautiful swap!!!