Sunday, December 9, 2007

The 4 x 4 Friday Theme is the Always Popular Miss Mona Lisa

The theme for 4 x 4 Friday is Mona Lisa, always a fun countenance to work with. Leonardo obviously thought so, and she's endured for about 500 years-pretty popular, I'd say. I rubber stamped her on a transparency and mounted that over patterned paper. I found the word "create" already in funky type and added the typewriter key stickers. You can follow the link above to see interpretations from all over the world.
This is about all the art that got done this weekend as I had to do some actual Christmas shopping. I also packed up boxes for swaps with Miss Vicky and Linda J for our Blythe swap. She has a wonderful blog at Her Blythes, Molli and Zelda, went shopping for mine, Lilly and Maggy. More at
Now back to the studio for me. I have a project due tomorrow for Shabby Cottage Studios. Go check them out- the design team is busy making samples of something cool you can buy to alter.
P.S. Here's a weird thing: My 17-year-old cleaned his room today- sweeper, dust rag, the whole thing, even the feather duster. Is he sick? I wondered. But no, his girlfriend was there directing the show. How cute and wonderful. I was so glad she found the stray laundry behind the dresser, too! Hopefully, he won't do that again.


Casey said...

Fabulous! I love the look the transparency gave.

Paula said...

Fantastic 4x4. Great image.

vivian said...

Hi ! that looks great! I'm just checking in, trying to see who got their snowman out and has recieved them. looks like youve done both! thanks for playing in the snowman swap! I hope you had fun! I'll be hosting another swap for valentines day! check in later!