Sunday, December 30, 2007

Published, Well Sort of...Well, Actually, Yes!

This may be the most egomaniacal post yet, but I just had to say "hooray!" I'm published in one of my favorite national magazines, Somerset Studio, issued bi-monthly by Stampington and Co., in California. This gorgeous magazine is considered the altered artists' definitive manual by many, and it is certainly the most luscious kind of eye candy.
Now, before you start mailing issues for autographs, let me clarify by saying I had a letter to the editor published (Jan-Feb '08, p. 5). I know, it's not art. But, it's about art. And they chose my letter from surely hundreds. So I am excited and flattered. And, I'm hoping this will signal good things to come. Certainly, it spurred me on to pack up some real art, write up the necessary documents and get them ready to mail off to sunny CA. I'll keep you 'posted,' pun intended. And by the way, as I was uploading this, I noticed it is indeed my 200th post! Here's hoping my art can be as prolific as my words. Happy New Year everyone!



What a wonderful 200th post! I have just discovered Somerset Studio and am hooked on it. Congratulations on being published in such a wonderful magazine. I look forward to your many posts in 2008!


Sandy said...

How exciting! I will look out for it when I get the issue! Happy New Year Gina!See you over at flickr and thanks for your birthday comment!!

Sandy xoxox

m i c h e l l e said...

You're darn tootin' this counts as being "published!"

Glen and I went to Borders yesterday to induldge in one of our favorite pastimes...get a coffee and read magazine! I picked up Somerset and was browsing through it when I saw your letter. I practically shouted to my husband, "I KNOW THIS LADY!"

VERY cool, Gina!

Altered Kat said...

Happy New Year Gina...congrats on the publication!...may 2008 be filled with creativity, inspiration and happy healthy times!

Kat :o)

debbicrane said...

Isn't it great to see your name in print in a magazine you love? I know the feeling! and "hey" from a fellow Hoosier

martha brown said...

I agree with everything you said in your letter to the editor. After all, if no one liked pointy hats/wings/wands -- then no one would be sending them in, right?

Angela Hoffmann said...

ha ha....this is so very first published thing was also a letter to Somerset studio....and I am happy to report I have had amny things beyond that in the art dept publish..and I too LOVE hats and wings....and I am going to continue to do so...and I actually have had half a mind to create a piece with like 25 or more characters all donning party hats and wings..there is an upcoming halloween issue deadling that I may target for that....My "member black Hat society" piece was theopne that inspired them to do halloween in the first place...that still blows me i could do the whole society maybe..haha!....Oh that just sparked more!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I thought your letter was very well said!