Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lilli Made My Day Blissful

I've often said I have no idea where I got the name for my blog. I like the name Lilly; I named my first Blythe Lilly. Mo co-worker has a darling daughter, age 1, named Lilly. And just recently I was partnered with one Lilli B., in Hold Dear's Mermaid and Seaside swap on Flickr
Now, I already do hold dear Ms. Hold Dear Michelle, who has become my "Somerset Sister" and a wonderful blog friend. But, little did I know I was about to "meet" someone else who lives up to her blog name. You see Lilli has Make Mine Blissful, a beautiful blog, showcasing her lovely skills. And when her package arrived here from Canada on Monday, there was so much gasping and oohing and ahhing, I thought someone might bring out an inhaler.
The pictures just do not do justice to the beautiful hand- and machine-sewn, quilted and embellished fabric book she made for me. It was presented in a lovely, decadent hand-made ditty bag with a little frame charm attached. In the various pockets (or nooks and crannies) of the book were bags of glitter and other page-appropriate ephemera. And, if that weren't enough, a smaller bag contained tons of vintage photos and ephemera, all delighttfully packaged. I have many more pictures on my Flickr site in my "swaps received" set at I would urge you to check out each and every one! I find my days are still blissful-three days later.


Lilli said...

You are so sweet, Gina :) I'm so glad you like what I sent you!

m i c h e l l e said...

Oh my sweet Gina. You are just such a lovely friend! :-) That fabric book is nothing short of GLORIOUS. Lilli's fabric choices, the embellishments, the hits that sweet spot inside of my creative soul that just makes me happy to be alive. That's the only way can I describe it. :-)

And BTW, the treasures you sent her, equally jaw dropping. I am so proud of you girls!!! :-)