Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mermaid and Seaside Swap in Progress, SIP

My SIP is not a WIP any longer, as it is now packed and on its way to O, Canada. But, I can't post a full look, just sneaky peeks, in case Lilli might be reading. I figure these two pics don't give much away, and the bottom picture is a redux of some of the goodies Flickr swap hostess Michelle of Hold Dear sent to me when we first tried a Mermaid and Seaside Swap. I am still enjoying those treasures! A mo' betta view after Lilli gets the goods!
On to Heather's nest swap, my Valentine swap with Teri/PumpkinSeedMama on ebay and Flickr, and my Easter swap with Viv of I think the USPS loves me.


Lilli said...

Goody Goody! I'm enjoying the tantalizing peeks at the treasures you so thoughtfully collected and created for me. I can hardly wait!

I've been working on yours almost nonstop since the 30th, so obsessed am I. Not only do I want to make you something special, but the item I'm making is a first for me and I'm fascinated with the process. I'll definitely have your pkg mailed on time, although I'm hoping to get it mailed a couple days early to make up for whatever delays there may be in crossing the border.

OK, back to work I go! :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I have no idea how you keep up with it all! LOL more power to you girl!

Loudlife said...

I got you on the A&P journal swap list! Yippee! Of course, I'm now doubly nervous about it...


Heidi said...

Ok Gina - Once again, I am getting exhausted just reading about all the commitments you have - seriously, how DO you do it?
That's an actual question please =)

Your treasures- as always, look gorgeous!

Altered Kat said...

Looks like some fun snail mail! :o)
Just popped into say Hi!

Sandy said...

I'm loving your Mermaid sneak peeks girl! I finally sent mine today! BTW, are you in the Hippity Hop Swap or were you referring to another Easter swap? Hugs!Sandy