Sunday, March 2, 2008

Be There, or Be a 4 x 4

It was kind of a weekend for squares, as I spent most of my time making 4 x 4 book pages for The Artists of Chubbyville on Yahoo! All Originals Page Swaps for February and March. I also contemplated my covers for my 2007 Fat Book of all original pages by me and other artists. The book looks great with all the danglies, and I can't wait to photograph it. I found some cool pink paper beads on etsy that will be just perfect for spine danglers. I have been saving them for about six months for the perfect project, and this is it.

My page at top, entitled "Chaos," pretty much represents me trying to cram all of my projects into two-day weekends (whose idea was a two-day weekend anyway? Oh, yeah, well....). I mean, geez, how can one possibly sleep in, cook those good weekends meals, go out a bit too, shop, clean, pack for the coming week, tend to ebay and etsy (both buying and selling), get caught up on reading (just finished Sue Grafton's 'T'-excellent), read all the latest art, fashion and gossip mags, email, blog and have any time left to breathe? Eep!

The birdy page is "Birds of a Feather should Feather Their Nests Together." I could elaborate, but I won't!
The two top and the bottom pics are a self portrait for the ZNE Artists and Poets group I'm likin' the front, and its zentangle-ish feel. I HATE writing descriptive stuff about myself, which anyone who knows me will not believe. But, it's true. So there's my words for all the world to see, in no particular order, mix and match.
If there is enough interest we will make a fat book out of our 4 x 4 self portraits.

And speaking of fat books, which I guess I am in depth, The Arte du Blythe group on Yahoo, which I now moderate, is fixin' to do a Blythe fat book swap as well as an auction copy for charity to support artist Bernie Berlin's no-kill animal sanctuary, A Place to Bark (see blog badge at right)

Not one of these fat books is top secret, proprietary or closed; just give me a shout if you want more info to join! You can be square, too!


Jodi Barone said...

I think you live an entire month's worth of life into your two week-end days! Probably because you are as fun-lovin as your self-portrait suggests you are. I adore your zen-tanglish self-portrait! It is so expressive and yet in black and white...brilliant! So many details on a small page without it appearing in the least bit crowded. I so hope we do the book with all of these. There goes another week-end; well what else could a 24 x 24 block be for?xoxoxjodi

Jodi Barone said...

I came back for the words. Such a fantastic way to share both. You gave me an idea I might be able to use in love fuzzy socks too! I need to check out your day of the dead things on etsy....your skulls are killer!

La te daa said...

Dear Gina,
Your self portrait is fabulous. Love the hair, the ensemble, love love love the words. Very happy looking with a groovy vibe thing.

Loudlife said...

Gina, your self portrait is awesome! I really love it.