Thursday, May 22, 2008

Come Here, My Little Pretties

This little collection of treasures found its way into my car and home from a road trip. I would say I have no idea why I bought two turquoise flowered hats, a doorknob, two 1945 children's large picture books, a (not pictured) chicken wire cloche (garden cloche, not hat cloche) and a paper mache doll's head with a very bad hair day. But, I do have an idea. In fact, I have several ideas for these little goodies. For starters, the big hat will get a fish on it. No, not a real fish. Yep, that's me peeking out from under said hat. I'm not much for true self-portraits, and besides, the little hat didn't model as well. The little hat - I'm sure there is a word for a little brooch of a hat - is going to get deconstructed for its millinery flowers and velvet leaves. The doorknob goes on top of a dress form/paper mache bust figure, and the children's books get deconstructed also- for The Faerie Zine's dollhouse fat book. Sounds like a weekend coming up.
And a final thought, why can't life have happy endings like Grey's Anatomy? And how shallow is it to measure one's life against fiction?


Sandy said...

You scored some great finds girl. Yes FINALLY Greys was a happy episode all around. It would be great if life was always like that!

Joanne Huffman said...

You found some great treasures. I love the photo of you peeking up under the hat (God help me, I remember those hats). I look forward to you posting what you do with these finds.


vivian said...

looks like you had some shopping fun! cant wait to see your pages for the doll house book! I've been thinking about mine alot too, not sure what i'm doing yet though!
love the picture of you peeking out from under the hat!!
have a fun weekend!

ArtsyMama said...

What fun stuff. LOVE the hats:)