Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love a Parade

I love a parade. Or a prom. Or the best of both: a promenade. Maybe that explains my fascination with the circus. Or maybe it explains why I like to trot out all my artwork on this here blog in chronological fashion, sort of a daily diary of dids. I think it is also why I like to thrive on chaos to borrow a vintage business term. Unexpected company? Cool! Staying up late to play board games and chat? Great! Cram as much as possible into every day? Is there any other way?
That's why I loved the sparkly T my friend Jen showed up in today. It said something like "Love this day." Okay, I did love the shirt; I just can't remember exactly how it was phrased, but something like Carpe Diem. So, carpe I did, enough to capture a family photo of the Fretzes who came calling: Jen, Andy, Gwenyth and Winnie the dog. Winnie is much less hyper than her puppy days and much less hyper than similar-sized-and-breed neighbors Ellie and Gracie, who would knock me over if I were blocking them from a bone, branch or bug.
Today was the Memorial Day parade- a Leesburg tradition of tractors, fire engines, bikes, veterans in vintage cars, local kids on patriotic bikes, but not a single band nor horse. Wonder if the parade committee has any openings?
Meanwhile, I also packaged up the apron I made for Sharrena of Brighton, England for our vintage apron swap. It is a black and yellow number with ball fringe and a large crocheted flower. I also finished 30 original trading-card-sized prom dresses for the Itty Bitty Book Club vintage prom dress book page swap. I had fun recalling the bohemian things I wore in high school, the peasant dresses, hippy girl stuff, sueded fringe handbags, wood platform shoes, over the knee boots, mini skirts (but of course), bell bottom beat-up jeans, flip flops- I mean haven't styles changed at all in the last 30 years? I guess maybe prom dresses are a little less demure, but other than that, I think I could fit right in. I wonder why my son didn't ask me to be a chaperone? Hmmmpf!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Cool selection of images. I love the apron and the prom dresses. The parade looks like fun.