Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scenes from a Spring

You know it is Memorial Day in Indiana when the peonies are as big as your head. And even though Memorial Day has passed, the peonies were looking great on this warm sunny day. I stopped at the local public garden on the way home from the dentist to take some pictures. The garden smelled great, too, and the pond sound was refreshing.
The other items are some treasures I got this weekend. I found two great porcelain doll heads-the larged one in Schoolcraft, MI for $40 and the blond doll head in Nappanee, IN for $20. I now have six dollheads and can't decide if I want to display them or make altered art with them. I picture one under a glass garden cloche or 'bell jar.' The books are a couple I have ordered and hope to review for http://www.vintageindie.com.
The print is a lovely gift I received from ZNE's Chrysti of http://chrysti.wordpress.com for entering her caption contest. Chrysti also sells altered art supplies at http://www.alteredabbey.com and has fantastic outdoor photos on Flickr. She does it all. My caption was hardly worthy of a print, but you can check it out here http://chrysti.wordpress.com/2008/05/15/are-you-one-of-the-10-winners/. I also won a digital collage sheet of vintage doll parts from Kat at Altered Kat and Great Musings on etsy and http://alteredkat.blogspot.com. I must be living right!


Maija said...

Yes, those heads are great!!

m i c h e l l e said...

ALL these pictures are so inspiring!!! And that peony! Amazing! When I make my next blog post, you'll see why that picture just completely speaks to me!