Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some Saturday Vintage Goodness = Score!

As hard as it may be to believe, I don't often drag strange stuff home, without a plan. Oh sure, I will grab a vintage doll head here and there. But, this adventure to a tiny northern Indiana town to stores called "Petunia's" and "Serendipity" resulted in some unusual items and no plan-yet.
The green nightstand/end table was so cheap, it was needful. I am not sure it is all that old, but it looks like a fine place to store art supplies and books.
I also got a couple different batches of vintage greeting cards, some new and some used. Some were dated 1939. These will be fun for either altered art or re-sale on etsy
I also got a little wicker/rattan footstool/shelf/nesting table thingy. I thought it might help me organize my art and craft books. Other treasures include a nifty hat pin, another (yes) doll head and the little German? green table and four chairs, which are barely two inches. See. No plan. The table and chairs are too little for Blythe. Might go to etsy. Might go into altered art. Might be a gift for one of my dolly friends with little people.
Finally, the ivory box, which needs a good cleaning with a tooth brush, is some kind of overlay onto a wooden box. It feels like celluloid or Bakelite. I have no idea; I just liked it. I foresee a Marie Antoinette treasure box being made, or maybe just more trinket storage for me.
With the exception of the nightstand, everything in this post was had in single digit dollars each. Made my day.

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m i c h e l l e said...

AWESOME finds,Gina! I love that treasure box!