Sunday, April 26, 2009

Facebook? D.I.Y.

I've been on a crazy doodling kick lately. I think it might be a stress reliever! The last photo- a zentangle- is definitely that. This one is 3" x 3" and doodled on watercolor paper with an extra fine point Sharpie. You can read more about Zentangles on the Web, and see many varieties on Flickr. It's fun to turn them every which way to see what you can see.
The face doodles started when I met Kellie Rae Roberts at Art & Soul, Portland, and had her autograph my copy of her book Taking Flight. I just love her solemn-faced girls, and have been practicing the techniques in her book. So, some of the these faces are her design, just tried by me.
The painted girl 'Fly' is in my regular art journal and done on a Twinkling H2O background with watercolor crayons.
The other faces are mostly charcoal pencil or graphite pencil. See anyone you know? I think I accidentally made Chloe from '24' and Alexandra Steele from The Weather Channel! I started doodling these after getting Journal Bliss by Violette.
I decided I will dedicate one of my journals to being a 'Facebook.' Grown-ups certainly can be and are on the 'real' Facebook, but I've got enough sites to maintain as it is. So, I'll just keep all my face doodles in one place. I can't wait to make a cover for it. So, Facebook? I say: (Do)odle it Yourself.


Joanne Huffman said...

I love your faces and I'm inspired to try some myself.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love the lips!

Thank you for referencing Zentangle! I made one after seeing a journal at ArtFest and didn't catch the artist's name... keep thinking it would be a fabulous art lesson for the kids but wanted to make sure to get my references first - now I have them!