Sunday, April 26, 2009

(Spr)ing it On!

Finally! A blast of color for the property and some evidence we might actually be crawling out from winter afterall. Even with some kind of wacky sleeting hail balls hitting my car Tuesday morning, I still managed to find my garden spirit, apron and trowel by Saturday. I LOVE my pineapple plant! I've never seen one before. Supposedly, with lots of sun and water it can be harvested off later this summer.
The rest of the pics are just a few vignettes around my house. My solar lights worked like a charm the first night, and the landscaping looks light an enchanted fairyland at night. The grass is green and freshly striped by mowing. The trees are blooming. The cats have the crazies. I feel inspired. Yep, it must finally be spring.


vivian said...

It was gorgeous out here yesterday, I really should have been out working in the yard raking and picking up sticks... but... I had better things to do and hung out with natalea for the day! after looking at your pretty pictures though.. I'm thinking as soon as it warms up this morning, I better get out there and get busy!!
have a sweet sunday!

Joanne Huffman said...

I have actually started to believe spring is here (we didn't have hail Tuesday, but there were snowflakes mixed in with the rain).

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your gardening weekend payed off - looks lovely!