Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Domino Art Bonanza

These gorgeous dominoes arrived recently - 32, count 'em 32, I scored on ebay for the grand sum of $10. Some were mostly finished, some blank and some were somewhere in between. Not sure who would want to part with this saleable cache, but I touched them up, embellished some, added chains, and still have several blank to play with. I also still have my package of $2 antique dominoes I haven't even opened yet.
So, it looks like I will be busy altering dominoes. Besides my recently acquired crop-o-dile, my next two purchases look like they will be a teeny tiny drill and a soldering iron. Of the ones pictured here, some are for swaps and some are for sale on ebay, starting today. Get yourself a domino pendant and be on the cutting edge of altered jewelry! (Cutting edge for Indiana, that is).
All of these are big, chunky heavy dominoes (what are dominoes made of anyway?). The red one already had eyelets attached so I cobbled up some charms to attach. Others I added glitter, gold ink, sealer and more. The one I kept for myself (not picture) has a bulldog on smaller square domino with turquoise butterfly wings and a tuquoise crown, of course.

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