Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Mother of all Hauls

I could not believe my good fortune today. Found all this stuff at an antique mall- not a flea market or other bargain venue. The bottles were all in a box for $4. Eighteen, count 'em, 18 totally cool glass bottles, including an inkwell, milk bottle with plastic cap, old Cliquot, old Lavoris, perfume, medicine, vanilla and salt (I think) and more. There was one scary, large brown one I left outside. It still had liquid contained by its cork. The label says Oil Oajaput by Fuller-Morrison, Chicago. Perhaps someone knows what this is.

The bottles are sitting on some other treasures I got: a smooth wooden paddle that looks like it should have been a hand mirror, a printer's tray and a wooden cheese box. I also got a wooden folding ruler, which was the only thing I went for (as if).

The other great treasure was a complete vintage Bingo game set in great condition. There are tons of cards, markers and numbers, all soon to be altered into who knows what. Maybe a few of these treasures will make their way to ebay for someone else to alter. I am typically not a pack rat and can't stand clutter, so I will use it or lose it.

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